You do not need…


You do not need to do anything, just remain sitting at your table and listen. Do not even listen, just wait. Do not even wait, just be quiet, still and solitary, and the universe will expose itself to you. It has no choice. It will roll in ecstasy at your feet. -Franz Kafka

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I wish that every human life might be pure, transparent freedom. ~ Simone de Beauvoir

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For one day, we are going to die.


It’s something I hear often, and something I don’t remember often enough – the irony of human life is that we go about our daily life as though we are going to live forever. So anything we want to do, is something that can be done later – my life is full of the daily […]

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On the Claude Makalele Conundrum


One of the greatest footballers ever. He won’t be remembered, and he won’t make many lists. And not many outside the game will know him – the way they know Messi, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo or Rooney. And arguably he made a bigger difference to the teams he played on, if not as big a difference as […]

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The question

Life, Non Random Links

It’s the question that drives us. And when you lose your drive, maybe you can ask yourself the question. What question, you ask? Maybe one of these. Or you could come up with your own questions. One of the questions I love asking is what do you dream about? What do you want to do […]

April 5, 2010



I sit staring at a blank screen, with the keyboard awaiting my touch patiently. Lacking the ‘inanimation’ of the keyboard, I wait for inspiration to strike with growing impatience. And a funny image fills my head – Inspiration in the form of one the Norse gods with a huge hammer waiting to strike. I think […]

January 2, 2010

I have a dream


I dream about sleeping. Sleeping deeply. Soundly. Peacefully. And drifting out of it gently. Rising up from the mists of sleep, drifting into the waking world like a feather rising slowly on a hot summer day. Not being woken up by strange noises and alarm clocks or sunshine. Not by neighbors banging doors, or by my conscience […]

October 9, 2009

Parallel Worlds


So many choices available, and each option leads down a good road. When each road, and every destination looks good, and you know that any choice you make, you would make the choice work – how do you step beyond the choice and do what’s really your choice? Analysis paralysis beckons, and the sheer plethora […]

October 8, 2009

Making a point: A letter to myself


It’s all pointless, isn’t it? It really doesn’t matter. Nothing matters. All the hopes and fears,we are so full of ourselves that we choke on the garbage we fill our minds with, and throw up before we can stuff anymore of ourselves down our throats. It’s all pointless, and it doesn’t mean a thing. We […]

July 5, 2009

Flying high


The mind breaks free From the grip of gravity And I soar again Rising beyond fears Leaving worries behind The sky greets me And the wind whispers A welcome song I’m floating free Back where I belong. And flying is easy, Just open your mind Let your imagination Unfold mighty wings See here and now. […]

June 9, 2009

Headed down?


The sun was bright. In fact, it was dazzling. I couldn’t look at it – it seemed like someone had set off a few flash bulbs in my face. I had to close my eyes and open them slowly. I couldn’t remember the last time I had been so dazzled by sunlight. Hold that thought. […]

April 20, 2009

Lines and shadows


Do you see your world in black, white and grey? The good, the bad and the necessary ugly? And you close out the bad, avoid the ugly and try to focus on the good, but get defeated by the very act of doing so, the conscious focus on avoiding and erasing that which you do […]

April 7, 2009



I look out over the water and see nothing. I look back, and the only thing I can see is the pinpoint of light from the boat shed, and many smaller scattered points around it – from the houses, mine and those of my neighbors. I wonder how much time it would take for them […]

March 20, 2009