The question

It’s the question that drives us.

And when you lose your drive, maybe you can ask yourself the question. What question, you ask? Maybe one of these. Or you could come up with your own questions. One of the questions I love asking is what do you dream about?
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I sit staring at a blank screen, with the keyboard awaiting my touch patiently. Lacking the ‘inanimation’ of the keyboard, I wait for inspiration to strike with growing impatience. And a funny image fills my head – Inspiration in the form of one the Norse gods with a huge hammer waiting to strike. I think it behooves me to be patient in the face of such power.

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I have a dream

I dream about sleeping. Sleeping deeply. Soundly. Peacefully. And drifting out of it gently. Rising up from the mists of sleep, drifting into the waking world like a feather rising slowly on a hot summer day. Not being woken up by strange noises and alarm clocks or sunshine. Not by neighbors banging doors, or by my conscience and my sense of duty urging me to get to work at a decent hour.
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Parallel Worlds

So many choices available, and each option leads down a good road. When each road, and every destination looks good, and you know that any choice you make, you would make the choice work – how do you step beyond the choice and do what’s really your choice? Analysis paralysis beckons, and the sheer plethora of options makes it difficult to take any option. It’s why good restaurants like to keep their menu cards short while they refresh the options every few months.

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Making a point: A letter to myself

It’s all pointless, isn’t it? It really doesn’t matter. Nothing matters.

All the hopes and fears,we are so full of ourselves that we choke on the garbage we fill our minds with, and throw up before we can stuff anymore of ourselves down our throats. It’s all pointless, and it doesn’t mean a thing. We are tiny, tiny people with small minds living, occupying an infinitesimal amount of space in this universe. But we fill the universe with our world and believe they are one and the same. And we run out of space. Everything lives in our heads. Good or bad. The horrible client or the terrible ex, the friends who never understand you or the friends who should, all the stories about what happened and what will happen live in our head. And who rules our head?

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Flying high

The mind breaks free
From the grip of gravity
And I soar again
Rising beyond fears
Leaving worries behind
The sky greets me
And the wind whispers
A welcome song
I’m floating free
Back where I belong.

And flying is easy,
Just open your mind
Let your imagination
Unfold mighty wings
See here and now.
Is filled with possibility

Headed down?

The sun was bright. In fact, it was dazzling. I couldn’t look at it – it seemed like someone had set off a few flash bulbs in my face. I had to close my eyes and open them slowly. I couldn’t remember the last time I had been so dazzled by sunlight. Hold that thought. I couldn’t remember the last time of anything. And the brightness was just me emerging from within my brain. I rolled that thought around my mind, which wasn’t too difficult given the amount of space available since all my memories had suddenly fled the scene. Before my tongue could come up with the classic ‘where am I’ my brain decided to exert some control. And wake up some more. Continue reading “Headed down?”

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