I sit staring at a blank screen, with the keyboard awaiting my touch patiently. Lacking the ‘inanimation’ of the keyboard, I wait for inspiration to strike with growing impatience. And a funny image fills my head – Inspiration in the form of one the Norse gods with a huge hammer waiting to strike. I think it behooves me to be patient in the face of such power.

And I know at the same time, that reaching for the words to flow out only pushes them further away. The muse appears in stillness, and in peace, and in activity. I can reach in, and feel the stillness filter throw the frazzled fabric of impatience. Flowing through you, and filling every cell of your body with an exquisite sense of calm and peace. It is both fragile and powerful.

And my mind is suddenly alert, and my art flows out.

Inspiration strikes again.

2 thoughts on “Inspiration”

  1. "Inspiration" derives from dedication to craft. It is the great myth of our times that inspiration is something that is given. Work hard, learn and internalize the techniques- there is no cop out. Any fool can spew. It is the craftsman who rises above his craft.

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