The Alpha and the Omega

He sat in the darkness, stretched out over the chair – one leg across the arm rest and his back across the other. All the years of work had finally paid off – he had pierced the centre of the universe and discovered all it’s secrets. He knew everything, he was all seeing, all knowing and one with everything.He knew why the waves bent, and why particles appeared and disappeared. He knew how it all started, and where it was going to end. He knew when, and he knew how.

The burden of ignorance had been lifted from his shoulders. But it was now replaced with the burden of knowledge. And suddenly he was not so sure – that knowing made a difference. He had felt more freedom, when he had been wandering blindfolded through the alleyways of the universe. Now, when his eyes were open – all choices were closed. He could only follow the path he could see.

He no longer had the freedom to stumble, to make mistakes, to let himself go with his whims – or indulge his ego or his irrationality. Reason ruled the roost, and he had only one God to follow. He was God now – and he was a heartless one at that.

He paused, looked back and then looked forward.

And looked around.

Every human being has a choice. So surely as God, he had many more.

What’s the point going to the centre of the universe, to the heart of life itself and coming back if he wasn’t free. He knew more, but he had the freedom to act. To choose what he made of this knowledge.

And a smile broke out slowly over his face. He knew everything in terms of knowledge.

But there was still more to learn.

And he could stumble.

And he could fall.

And it would be ok.

After all, he was God and he could always forgive himself.


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