You do not need…

Buddha in AbendstimmungYou do not need to do anything,
just remain sitting at your table and listen.
Do not even listen, just wait.
Do not even wait, just be quiet, still and solitary,
and the universe will expose itself to you.
It has no choice. It will roll in ecstasy at your feet.

-Franz Kafka

For one day, we are going to die.

It’s something I hear often, and something I don’t remember often enough – the irony of human life is that we go about our daily life as though we are going to live forever. So anything we want to do, is something that can be done later – my life is full of the daily tasks of living. It’s as though I’ve got a project manager sitting in my head – who is incentivised on creating more tasks and more dross – for me to fill my daily hour, so I can run further every day – without reaching anywhere. Continue reading “For one day, we are going to die.”

The Alpha and the Omega

He sat in the darkness, stretched out over the chair – one leg across the arm rest and his back across the other. All the years of work had finally paid off – he had pierced the centre of the universe and discovered all it’s secrets. He knew everything, he was all seeing, all knowing and one with everything.He knew why the waves bent, and why particles appeared and disappeared. He knew how it all started, and where it was going to end. He knew when, and he knew how.
Continue reading “The Alpha and the Omega”

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