Another Invitation

What would tomorrow look like if I could strip out everything that isn’t essential in my life?

What if I applied minimalism to my life? What would happen if let go of all the possessions I have and all the titles and labels I pretend to and the ones that I aspire to. If I no longer did anything out of convention or routine or duty. I get off the treadmill and take a pause. If I get rid of everything that isn’t important – which isn’t mine from the core of my being, but is an externality and a comfort. Keep only that which I need to live and lose everything that my ego needs to keep me from living.  If I just need the clothes on my back and a pen and some paper.

IF that was all I needed then what would be available to me? When you strip everything that isn’t important then surely what’s left is what’s important. The urgency and crazy chaos of everyday living on the endless cycle of ‘busyness’ and ‘consumerism’ keeps the real things hidden.

All of us want to change the world. Or change the environment. We all have our passions, and what we’d love to be doing. And we already know. And we refuse to look too deeply today.

Tomorrow, I tell myself.

I’ll get to it tomorrow, for today – let me just get to the next milestone ($$ or the promotion or the house, or the wedding or the baby, or insert ‘what applies here’)

Well, if I just strip it all down – there’s no milestone to reach.

There’s just me.

And there’s the world.

And there’s so much possible.


If I could strip it all down.

What can you do?

Inspired by

  1. The Invitation – Oriah Mountain Dreamer 
  2. The Nike Ad – which looks like a take on ‘You shall know our velocity‘ – Dave Eggers
  3. A day spent packing – I have way too stuff, which I don’t need and never did

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