Hello Poppet!

Think of this wide expanse we call life.

Suppose reality was like a sheet and you and I are ‘shapes’ popping up in this sheet. We are like sock puppets –  Shakespeare could’ve been a little more specific – All the world is a stage, and we are merely sock puppets.

Infinity fills this little shell we call our self and animates it. And for the duration of the play, we forget that we are more than this shell. We are more than just this little something we call ourselves.

We have within us – the infinite. We are Infinite.

All of us.

And when we can see beyond the illusion of the puppets. And look at life force which is animating the puppets – we can see that all our fears are infinitesimal specks of nothing. Our concerns are fleeting. Compared to what is available to us.

And also we can see – just like the two hands animating a sock puppet are actually just one person. We are all connected, and we are all part of the same infinite. And we experience the same connection, with variations on the theme. Based on the roles we play. Which doesn’t change the fact that we are not so different – you and I. We are the same. All of us are just ONE. Which might also tell us why the simplest act of helping someone gives us so much more satisfaction. Anything you do to connect with someone – smiling in the lift or opening the door or just complimenting someone on their shoes, that’s why it’s all so rewarding. Because we’re just helping ourselves.

The illusions of color, race, gender, sexuality, wealth etc are just the sock we’ve chosen to wear for this particular show.

A sock doesn’t make the right hand better than the left hand. And a sock doesn’t suddenly make the right-hand and the left-hand eternal enemies.

It’s just a sock.

And we are not just a sock. We are infinite.

And we are One.


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