Parallel Worlds

So many choices available, and each option leads down a good road. When each road, and every destination looks good, and you know that any choice you make, you would make the choice work – how do you step beyond the choice and do what’s really your choice? Analysis paralysis beckons, and the sheer plethora of options makes it difficult to take any option. It’s why good restaurants like to keep their menu cards short while they refresh the options every few months.

Of course, the only way to choose is to make a choice and act.

Or make a choice to refrain from acting. And you can see your choice pass you by, like to flower floating downstream. The moment for you to pick it up was there, and then the moment passed. And you can follow the path of the flower, and you can see where it’s headed. And you can admire it. But you can’t bring the moment back.

Life explodes with choices, and options. And while we fix our eyes on the flower we failed to pick, many more are passing by.

It’s really a beautiful life, if I stay present to the beauty in front of me. And choose.

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