How to be creative..


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July 18, 2005

the thing is..


one of the things i am trying to think through is what should i be doing. where should i be. and where do i want to go. A friend of mine sent me this forward – Steve Jobs commencement address at Stanford – and keeping in mind the concept of synchronicity (nothing happens by chance..) […]

July 7, 2005

Bye..for now.


Am going offline with my thoughts, for some time. There are few things i need to think through, while blogging has helped me communicate with myself (and with you..) there are still somethings i need to do before i can do this well. So before i continue on stage i need some rehearsals and some […]

July 1, 2005

People I love


the haircut, the bike – my dream woman. i wish he was playing now – anyone know where i can get a few DVDs on the complete MJ? brilliance personified, a sheer joy to watch when in full flight. a six year old philosopher – love him! love her music,her songs and her voice. I […]

June 29, 2005



I saw the movie sometime back on TV, and ended up doing some online research on it. Which brought me to this article. On Nat Geo. I wish I had caught it at a theatre when it was playing, if you get a chance to catch this one, don’t miss it. I could write, but […]

June 28, 2005



Hmmmmmm – Dips – book tagged me. Well, I was thinking of a lot of stuff and I had a lot of thoughts which I needed to put down, but the rest can wait- if there is one thing I love more than playing soccer, its reading. So this is a nice point to resume […]

June 21, 2005

am kicked


Goo Goo Dolls Iris And I’d give up forever to touch you‘Cause I know that you feel me somehowYou’re the closest to heaven that I’ll ever beAnd I don’t want to go home right nowAnd all I can taste is this momentAnd all I can breathe is your life‘Cause sooner or later it’s overI just […]

May 2, 2005