Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none. Shakespeare and what should you do when people you trust break your trust, stamp on it with cloven feet. anger and pain are the first emotions to arise and the anger does not subside easily…and accompanying the anger are the twin questions of how could he/she […]

April 21, 2005

..and the things that death can buy.


You are a Samurai.You are full of honour and value respect. Youare not really the stereotypical hero, but youdo fight for good. Just in your own way. Foryou, it is most certainly okay to kill an evilperson, if it is for justice and peace. Youalso don’t belive in mourning all the time andthink that once […]

April 20, 2005

high thinking ..


I am still searching for clarity in many matters, mainly in my head. Confusion has clouded my perspective. I am not sure about what I want. Sometimes I am. Sometimes I am not. Fundamentally I am, but somehow the vision I have is not in agreement with the strategy, and the tactics seems to be […]

March 21, 2005

sleepless in transit


took a flight last night to bangkok, for a weeklong training. Here until saturday night. wonder why all this flights leave so late in the night. had my first trip in a merc – pick up service from the airport. bk is fairly well developed with good roads and a dependable mass transit system. however […]

March 13, 2005

..and the sinner


made use of my insomnia to watch the 11 pm show of Constantine last night, and I enjoyed it. Especially the part near the end where John Constantine….but I think you should see it for yourself. They also showed the 15 min documentary, Little Terrorist, at the start of the movie. was nice. what was […]

March 3, 2005

so long, and thanks for all the …


I shall a tale unfold which will make thy knotted and combined locks part, and make each hair stand on end like the quills of the fretful porpentine it all started, as these things tend to in the late watches of a balmy night last month.. it had been a tough week and I was […]

February 21, 2005



A million things left unsaid A million things still left undone A long distance to travel Before my race here is run There are many roads to take And many destinations lie in wait All this would be meaningless Without you as my travel-mate When will fortune favor me And when will our paths cross […]

January 27, 2005



am reading this book, which asked me this question – ” What is it that gives meaning to your life?” and I thought, and thought and thought some more. and I am still thinking. I thought I knew the answer sometime back. Now I think I know the answer, or rather I know several possible […]

January 6, 2005

Happy New Year


Good bye 2004 Its been a good year, and things are always getting better. A new job – and many new job offers A new residence A new football 🙂 (thanks to Hari)- but same old venue, the beach Many new books More music A new mobile – even if it was a forced purchase. […]

December 31, 2004