Cricket for a cause

This weekend, a friend organized a game of cricket at a park. He didn’t allow his ignorance of the game or it’s rules prevent him, and it didn’t prevent most of his friends either – who although blessed with the good humor, irresistible good looks and the charming Irish accent, were singularly unequipped with cricketing knowledge, thanks to their shared Irish heritage.

So the barbie was fired up, numerous bottles of beer and alcohol were consumed and we all played a game of cricket. You were allowed to face only 6 balls, and if you got out – you kept on batting but you lost 5 ‘points’ (they refused to call it ‘runs’ and I thought it was bad form to argue with the hosts). The girls bowled to each other, and everyone got to bowl, some of them made Murali’s action look like something prescribed by the Gentlemen at the MCC.

And we were very much in danger of setting a negative score, but somehow managed to keep it on the plus side. And we finally got our chance to sledge and knock the stumps over a few times.

But the only real score that mattered, was the count in the little white box kept on the picnic table. Because we were all gathered to help
Adam Clerkin
– a 2 year old Irish boy who is suffering from Ewing’s tumor and is undergoing extended sessions of chemotherapy before he can fly to Boston to have his jaw reconstructed – and the family needs all the help they can get.
And we all chipped in, and hopefully the box was overflowing before it left.You can help too.

And what makes me ask you is this
So please,
Do help, in any small way you can.
You might change one person’s life.

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