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Google, Non Random Links, Tech / Sunday, October 26th, 2008

via Twitter – from The NYT

PEOPLE who want to improve their communication skills may one day have an unusual helper: software programs that analyze the tone, turn-taking behavior and other qualities of a conversation. The programs would then tell the speakers whether they tend to interrupt others, for example, or whether they dominate meetings with monologues, or appear inattentive when others are talking.

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Of course, once you look beyond the obvious applications – you see what this means, don’t you?
Google can actually launch AdSense for conversations (other such launches here )

Probably part of your mobile phone, listens to your conversation – converts to text, searches for relevant terms and pops up a 3D Holographic ad based on your location and context. So you might be in Darling Harbour, wondering where you can catch the latest movie, and up pops an Ad for a concert at the state theatre – you click on your phone for more info, see the timing, artiste and click to book, paying through your mobile, and the ticket is sent to you via text.

And you are done.


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