Absolute reality

physics, Random Links, theories, Videos / Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Carrying forward a related point from the previous post absolute beliefs – do you think that
a) there is an absolute reality, which exists independent from observers.
b) there is no absolute reality, it’s all subjective and dependent on who is observing
c) there is an absolute reality but we will never know it
d) there is no absolute reality and we all just plugged into the matrix.

A question which may or may not have killed Schrodinger’s Cat . The death (or not) of the cat was meant to showcase the ‘absurd’ version of reality being cranked out by quantum physics and quantum physicists, and since then we have moved on to string theory which is even more confusing, we hope no cats were killed in the making of string theory – we would be positively gutted to hear of anymore dead (or not) cats.

And there are a lot of very very smart people trying to pull together a Grand Unified Theory of Everything which will explain everything – the Origin of The Universe, Nuclear Forces and Gravity. And a lot of not so smart people are worried that trying to verify these theories might lead to the end of the world as we know it – so I suggest that you take a look at the TED talk  about A Simple Theory of Everything . I mean, what if the world does end – and they have some sort of multiple choice test to get into heaven – since there are no absolutes of right and wrong and anything goes. I suspect a theory about the universe would account for a few questions.

Think of all those virgins waiting for you.


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