Learning to Fly..

Deep Thought, Life, Videos / Sunday, October 19th, 2008

Sher Kan is a 14 year old eagle, born and raised in captivity – an eagle with unused wings. The falconer spent 18 months preparing for Sher Kan’s first flight with help from his para-glider friend. They took the eagle, via helicopter, to the top of Mont Blanc and then launched themselves from there – and the bird took flight.

It’s not just a story about an eagle. It’s our story, or my story. The eagle always had the tools it needed to take flight, and it even had the knowledge – hard coded into it’s brain. It just didn’t know it could fly.

We go through our lives the same way, rarely breaking free from the gravitational pull of mediocrity or good enough. Rarely realising that we have the ability to break free, fly high and achieve the elevation occupied by a  ‘chosen few’. We might take off occasionally and glimpse the beauty of life and the world from on high. But then, we get scared and tell ourselves we are not meant to fly. The safety of ground is what we deserve. And we come back to earth.  The chosen few were not chosen by others, but by themselves. And it’s up to us to choose the option to fly. Take off, learn to fly.

We have the tools. We have the knowledge. And there is no shortage of people willing to show us how.

But we need to flap our wings, and take the leap of faith.

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