Fiction, The Series / Saturday, October 18th, 2008

What suprised me was the clarity. I didn’t expect my thoughts to be so clear – i thought processing would break down, with the end near. You hear about people’s life flashing before their eyes, and you wonder which parts of your life are going to make it to the highlight reel. Would it be ordered chronologically? Start to end? Or in reverse chronological order like the resume we spend so much time mailing around ? Or would it be totally random bits of your life bursting through your subconscious – thoughts and moments you never expected, never suspected would be lying in wait to jump at you? That girl in the red shirt you saw at the seminar. The kindergarten teacher checking your lunch box. The freshly labeled and covered text books and note books in your 3rd standard school bag. The red converse style shoes you had as a kid. The taste of orange ice candy after a game of cricket. So it was true, my mind was wandering, and my life was flashing before my eyes. Random bits though. And not in any order. But the clarity was still there. I didn’t know what I was thinking, but each thought was crystal clear. And time seemed to slow down. It’s funny how they say ‘the time is now!’. Isn’t the time always now?

How had it come to this? The day had started innocently enough. A regular normal day in the life of a regular normal guy. A normal breakfast. And now I was falling, and a sudden end was going to terminate my fall.

Seriously, wasn’t there anything else left in the highlight reel of my life?

(To be continued)

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  1. after a long hiatus, something straight from your heart..or shud I say your brain..doesnt matter but an extremely good thought process to have..

  2. Maybe there are more highlights of your life which are yet to come. Coz this is no 3 hour movie. And there are no compulsions on you to edit any part. And the most awesome thing is, that the most important character and only constant in this is ‘YOU’.P.S. : I am sure one of the highlights of your life is when you met “ME”. :). P.P.S : Don’t even think of denying it.

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