Results are, ummm, debatable

cricket, politics, sarcasm / Saturday, September 27th, 2008

The first round scored as a draw , a win to McCain or a win to Obama – depending on your source. (We are, of  course, waiting for the expert’s opinion )

It might be some time before we see intelligent debates in Desi politics, but it might be good idea to have public debates between the zonal selectors in the lead-up to a big series like the upcoming Ind-Aus test series. I can just see the 5 zonal selectors, with Harsha as the MC/Facilitator, rolling their sleeves up and making eloquent pitches for their candidates. And of course, what really matters who gets selected to play, anyone can get elected to the parliament.

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  1. excellent idea and harsha would be perfect. the 1st debate was safe ergo boring. i’m hoping tuesday’s one will be more how you say ballsy? also the vp debate was hysterical. did you watch?

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