Good Dinner Table Conversation

Culture Vulture, Name Dropping, St acting cool / Monday, April 28th, 2008

Goes something like this

Location: Smart restaurant opposite my place

GFBA: That guy looks like Keanu Reeves with a beard.
St: (Turning around slowly – after all I was in the middle of a juicy Steak) hmmmmm.. you are right.
GFBA: Hmmmmm
St: Maybe because he is Keanu Reeves, with a beard….
GFBA: You are right..

See, even I can drop names of celebs casually.

Pretty soon I am going to be talking about the time I had dinner with Keanu Reeves.

For the record – he looked pretty good, and I am a huge fan, but we decided to act cool and not disturb his dinner – he was gracious enough to pose with the people at the table next to him, with a smile.

A fabulous start to my 10 day vacation, which ended this morning – and I need a break to recharge my batteries.


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