Maine aaj tak tum se kuchch nahin maanga..

Uncategorized / Tuesday, March 11th, 2008
…lekin aaj maangta hoon.

I was just walking back to work, after picking up my lunch when I heard a quite voice say

‘Hi, how are you doing today’.

I stopped fiddling with the iPod controls and looked up to find one of those volunteers, with a bag, a badge and a pair of the clearest blue eyes I have seen in recent times. The clarity held your attention. And the voice held it some more.

‘Hello’ I mumbled back.

‘On your way to work?’ she asked

‘Yeah, just picking up some lunch and heading back’

‘Ok, do you have a couple of minutes’

‘Yeah sure’

‘Have you heard of Amnesty International’

‘Yeah sure, it’s an international organisation which does all kinds of stuff for human rights and anti-violence and war crimes and all that..’

‘That’s correct!’ she gushed, ‘It’s such a pleasure to meet someone who knows something about us, allow me shake your hand.’

‘ummm, yeah’ i mumbled some more and offered my hand, trying to juggle the pod, the glasses and the lunch in my left hand.

After some more talk, she came down to her campaign.

‘We are currently running a campaign to Stop Violence Against Women’

I figured this was not the right time to tell her that going by my experiences in the past decade all the violence had been committed by women against me, and there was very little chance of any act of violence originating in my little peace loving brain.

‘ 2 out of 3 women in Australia suffer from some sort of domestic violence at the hands of their partner. Your support and contributions will go towards helping those who suffer.’

I couldn’t say no after I heard all she had to say – it’s always a thought that we want to do something – and we want to change the world and we, or atleast I, wait for some fancy earth shaking opportunity in which we can save the world. Or wait till we have made it big, so that we can offer our time and money when we have plenty of both.

Of course, it’s always later.

We can still change the world a little at a time. Maybe a dollar a day. That’s the easiest option.

So don’t just sit there, do something.

Go on, see how you can help – if just two of you do something tangible, and get two more people to do something, this would be the perfect gift.

So, I am begging you – Help. All the people. Who need just a little of your time or money.

You have plenty of both.

More about Amnesty International here.


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