The End

Friends, Life, love, Memories, self portrait / Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

I was reading this book last night. It had this conversation between an old couple. Talking about what they should have done. And could have done. And the chances they didn’t take.

And it’s something I have talked about before.

And wondered about too, what is really important to you?

When you are sitting on your bed, making your peace with the world, at the end of your life – what are you going to regret?
The chances you didn’t take, or the silly risks you did?
The book you didn’t write or the time you spend chasing big bucks and promotions at work?
The clothes you didn’t buy or the places you didn’t visit?
The people you had a fight with or the ones you didn’t spend enough time with?
Do you have a filter right now, to figure out the important choices for you?
And if you do, are you using that knowledge you have, to make those tough choices?

Or are you living in default, moving along with the default choices, which don’t require much thought, and don’t offer too much resistance.

And have you thought about the reverse case. What if you lose one of your friends to death?
What are your regrets then? Did you tell them all that you should have? Could have?
Do you end up wishing that you had few more days, or weeks, to tell that friend how much she/he means to you?
Do you remember the argument you had? Or the anger you felt?

What would you do?

These are some answers I am looking for, as I look to enact my death. In the sense of imagining my last day on earth and seeing what it is I’d rather be doing.

And that means a few days off.

A few days of electronic silence.

Feel free to leave flowers.

3 Replies to “The End”

  1. Beautiful post.
    Lots of important questions.

    For my own experience, I made several choices that may seem weird to people seeking money, established life, security…

    But looking into myself, I just found that I didn’t care at all for that. Money is just a way to get to something (i.e: vacation ;-). It means nothing to me in itself.

    I made the choice of living intensively the moment. Even if sometimes, I know the moment is not going to last. But at least I will have this moment to cherish…
    And when come the time of my death, I won’t regret that I didn’t take the opportunity to live this moment…

    I try not to spend too much time thinking of what I should have done/not done, as the past can’t be changed. And I prefer to focus on what to do next.

    I made choices that people do not necessarly understand. but I don’t care because they are my choices. And along the way, I will find “me”, rather than living what seems a normal life to others.
    And it’s just the beginning… More crazy choices to come…

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