Growth. Change. Constant. Loss. Gain. Pain? Joy!

Life, love, Poems, Soccer, You / Monday, February 18th, 2008

No single thing abides,
But all things flow
Fragment to fragment clings
And things thus grow.

– Lucretius, On the Nature of Things

(hat tip to a very wise woman – who sent me this when i was in school)

As i struggle with limits, and boundaries and try to make the most of my many deficiencies – I’m also struggling to find out whether I am taking the easy way or the hard way? I’ve always been a fan of taking the tougher option, not that I am a masochist or anything, but sometimes the bigger rewards lie behind the tougher option. So then, is quitting the tougher option – even if it never was an option? Or is not?

Of course, the answer could be simple – follow your heart. And let what will be, be.

I just started soccer training this last week. And all though the first couple of sessions were pure misery ( it’s been close to a year since I did some proper training – thanks to an ACL injury) but things are getting better.

And I have two options for teams – one is a very good team, with a lot of good players where I doubt if I would make it to the playing 11 (given my current form and fitness) – the other option is an average team with players who are not as good as the first option – which probably means more playing time, and also more work for me.

So both options would call for some hard work. Option a – just to keep up and break into the team, Option b – to win games, and make the most out of the team.

It’s almost exactly like the difference between a joining a big established multinational firm and joining a boutique type start-up. Both provide different learning experiences.

As of now, I am training with big team on weekdays, and playing with the small team on weekends. But it’s only been a week. That’s 3 games, 2 goals, some embarrassing slip ups, a couple of good moments, lots of agony 🙂 and stiffness – and no smoking – except for the urge to gorge on junk food post the game. And the fact that I feel so good post training – I get home at 10:30 PM and cant sleep till well past midnight.

So let’s see how these choices play out.

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