Dumb jock, moi?

Blog Parties, Movies, quotes, Random Links, relationships / Friday, May 25th, 2007

Since my dumb jock career has been put on hold temporarily, i am now trying to explore other facets of my personality.

This is an attempt to be the complete man so that i can aspire to wear Raymond suitings and shirtings.

The first step is to expose my self to proper civilising influences such as refined books and foreign movies which are the staple diet of the modern, refined and complete man.

Which is why I ended watching Paris, Je t’aime at a suburban theatre with certain literary types (they prefer to avoid any publicity about my association with them until I can achieve the proper degree of refinement and completeness)

And it was brilliant (a must see). Some of the stories where truly heartwrenching and nearly got tears to my eyes. The performances were good too – with most of the stories leaving you wanting more. Some of them could and should be made into fuller length movies just so that i can get more of them.

It’s funny how some friendships and some meetings can be like that. Some friends you are familiar with – like the work of well liked directors – you are always ready to meet up, whether it’s 5 mins since the last time you met or 5 years. Some start easily and end easily with their proper 15 minutes, and still others start abruptly and end abruptly, but leave you wishing for more.

Returning to my complete man theme, watching french, japanese and italian movies is only the first step towards becoming a refined, cultured and sensitive individual.

The next step is to attend blog parties, where you can discuss the foreign language movies you have seen with other like minded individuals.

Luckily for me (and you) there is one happening next month.

Leave comments here or here to prepare people for your entrance.

Although the cost of entry is Rs 150, make sure you mug up on your culture stuff before you drop in.

And practise your lines you might say

“Sometimes you see someone and you feel that you would have lost something incredible, something life changing if you did not speak to the person. That it was destiny that brought you here and now you must speak and reach out, before the door closes.”

or you might ask

“Do you like jazz?”

I shall leave before my dumb jock self asserts itself, and yeah,

Forza Pippo! Forza Milan!

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  1. Uh, if I may be so nit-picky as to point out that it’s Paris je t’aime, not Paris J’et Aime…

  2. and Melody as far as I know is a senorita not a senora…:-p
    Am becoming quite a regular on your page, pleasant and throbbing indeed!

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