Visceral response

dream woman, love, relationships, self portrait / Monday, May 21st, 2007

When St was born, the “Goddess of Love” was in Taurus the Bull…proverbially, the most stubborn of the twelve signs. So, does St have a thing for rigid, dogmatic people? The real point here is that St responds in a viscerally romantic way to people who take PROMISES very “stubbornly” indeed…individuals who radiate a kind of down-to-earth determination to “hang in there” in sane, stable relationships. Even though they’re ready and willing to do their part of the necessary work, they have little patience for “unnecessary” psychological complications or emotional self-indulgence. The natural lover is a sensual, physical creature who knows exactly when and how simply to touch St, a stroke of the hair, taking the hand–and who expects the same. Part of the magic of such a relationship certainly lies in its deep exploration of the simple, ancient COMFORTS of ongoing love. Naturally, sex is part of that, but what we’re getting at here is more broadly based: The gentle ease of familiarity; the unpretentious freedom from “posturing” it produces; the deep body-knowledge that lets two sleepy lovers choose the same moment at 4:01 AM to roll over and sleep on their other sides–the ancient animal-wisdom no human words can ever capture.


But i do have a thing for people who keep their word, who mean what they say, and who play no games. Who are not with you because they need someone, but because they want you. Who are completely honest with themselves and with others. Who don’t tolerate deception and would never deceive.

I also have a thing for smart women, sporty women.

And my liking for women on bikes is well documented.

Of course my parents have a different set of qualifications they would like to see in their son’s mate:

a) Mallu (thankfully they haven’t come up with south mallu or north mallu)
b) Catholic ( I beleive they would relax a for the right b)

Of course, their wish list has absolutely no bearing on my choice. And considering my growing senility they would probably be happy just to see me settle down. Forget a and b.

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