The weekend is here!!

Movies, Narcissism, Soccer / Monday, April 30th, 2007

Two whole days off! In the middle of the week. And I just cant wait to get home. Why you ask? I have been searching for a couple of books, and they just got delivered today morning – now i feel that i just cant resist the urge to finish them off now. will this day never end?

So mid week week end is going to be spent

a) reading

b) watching

c) playing

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  1. fooled by randomness is a khattru book. i thoroughly enjoyed reading about black swans among other things

  2. @ mel – your back! no wonder mumbai is so hot these days 🙂

    @ paddy – you should also get your hands on the art of living – its awesome – and i am trying to get my hands on ‘you shall know our velocity’ – is that a reference to heisenberg?

    @ r – sorry! spent two days at home – only went out for soccer and gym

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