memes, Narcissism / Monday, April 30th, 2007

Pri got me, although i do think i just did this some time back.

But here goes, 7 Random facts about me:

1. I share my birthday with David Ogilvy,Lionel Messi, Juan Roman Riquelme – and was born 1 day after my biggest idol – Zinadine Zidane (I also created a Cancerian soccer team here – and now that i the Cricket World Cup is over I am thinking of doing a cricket one as well – but who would lead? Ponting or Saurav?)

2.I am currently obsessed with Amul Probiotic Ice Cream – I am totally loving it!

3. I beleive I am blessed and born lucky – things always work out for me, in the end – after some excitement ( I have been in a burning bus, close to drowning and i am not talking about mumbai rains, fallen into open man holes, almost mugged during my exchange term)

4. I would love to become a soccer player, but I also feel that it would deny me a chance to express myself intellectually 😉

5. I can raise one eye brow – and not because of the Rock. As a kid. my sis kept on raving about this one teacher of hers who used to do this, so i worked hard on learning this very important skill. I also learnt to wiggle my ears, another equally important skill.

6. I have an automatic crush response on most smart women who have short boy cut hair – like the time i was at one of these classy joints in Pigalle (we got thrown out later) – where I forgot the dancers and was trying to chat up the barmaid – she was awesome.

7. I used to teach, and I used to enjoy it. Actually barring my first job from campus, I love all the jobs i have done.

And these are totally non-random facts – my left brain is not working at all. Or should that be right brain?

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