Do you feel it too?

Life / Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

Do you at times feel the immense power within you? Do you feel that there is so much more you can do. That there is a limitless world out there, that no matter what you wish for you can achieve. That all it requires is for you to think of something to do. Do you feel that you are bursting with immense potential – that there are so many gifts with which you are born, so many gifts for you to give the world.

And you feel all that power, all that potential bursting to get out. And you know that you need to find the switch that will let it out. You feel that its not a river raging against a huge dam, but like a single pull you need to unravel the tangle. A single pull at the right place and you know that everything will open up. And you are trying hard, searching for that one point. Or that one switch.

And you wonder where it is, and you wonder whether someone can show it to you, and you wish someone would. And you feel that you are crawling when you should be running full tilt, filling your lungs with huge gasps, and revelling in the pain of pushing yourself. And you ache to let yourself loose, to solve the problems of the world. And live a life bursting to the seams with passion, and with achievement. And excellence.

And you are looking for the switch. All the time.

If only you could find the switch.

Do you feel like that at times?

I do.

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  1. @ r – yeah, i need some pizza right now!

    @ pri – well, you associate with sane people i guess, and its not anonymous – i know r!

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