Life is short

Humor, Life / Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

And the past one month has made it seem even shorter. If an art of living meditation course helped me slow down, a whirlwind tour of India – Mum – Cal – Bangalore – Chennai – Delhi – Mum pressed the fast forward button.

And a weekend where I took a running jump off a hill and indulged in waterfights helped me remember what life is for.

It’s not for repressing thoughts and feelings.
It’s not for obsessing over what others think of you.
It’s not for chasing goals to beat your peers.
It’s not for worrying over decisions you made or the one’s you didn’t.

It’s for looking forward, making an honest attempt in everything you do and being 100% unadulterated completely genuine you. Not a good imitation of someone else.

ps: I also realised that maybe it would be good to compose an Out Of Office post for my blog which would probably go something like this.

Out Of Office Post


Thank you for visiting, and thank your for your comments.

I will be travelling on work from Monday March 19th to Friday 23rd March. I will have limited access to my blog and yours. I am sorry if I am unable to respond to your comments on my blog or your posts on your blog immediately.

Please call me in case of your opinions and comments require an urgent or immediate response.

Have a wonderful day.

9 Replies to “Life is short”

  1. dont u think its a bit too late for the “out of office post”….!
    and do u think people are able to digest 100% unadulterated genuineness….?
    i think they’l freak ..or so i’ve seen…they r so used to adulteration tht if genuineness smacks them right in the face …they wont recognise it …or wont be able to deal with it….although…..tht shud’nt matter…..”be true”!…see the world around u move!!!!!

  2. @ anon – the ones who can are the ones you want to hang out with, although it can cause some discomfort at work..btw isn’t it time you left a name?

    @ inexile – not as much good as your guide to hot women 🙂 lets catch up some time

  3. so true….!u think…well like Shakespeare putz it..”What’s in a name?”(cliche!..i know..just cud’nt resist it!hehe)….does it really matter…to put a name to a comment?….its the thought that one wants to share with u!!!

  4. it’s also important to know the context for the comment, and maybe your name will provide some context. I might start a policy of ‘no replies to anonymous comments’ 😉

  5. aawww…..thts not really fair is it…i has to stop the messages then!….
    the context is ofcourse only and only the articles u put across..thats all there is to it!…?..go with the flow sire!…its only thoughts after all..and am sure i dont sound stupid or bad for tht matter!now do i?….if u feel outta sorts then i’ll stop bugging u!……to quote u,”life is short!”

  6. A very refreshing post, St!
    Ah genuinity is a big attempt and a big struggle for me. I have had diverse responses and most of them haven’t been what I wished them to be but then I have been true to myself and that gets me going!

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