Another one bites the dust..

People / Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

My oldest friend, the one i have known since our first steps in kindergarten, the one I knew was always there even if we went months without talking or even knowing what’s going on with each other – just got married.

I keep on losing good friends (of both sexes) to marriage. And it seems like guerrilla warfare. And in the end, will I be the only one left? making a brave last stand?

But it was an enjoyable weekend in Ahmedabad – with a typical night before the wedding session sans strippers of course, the only illegal substances were just that, substances. And I remembered what it was to sit among friends, and let the pressures of the world disappear as you float away (aided by …). And i remembered what it is to make people laugh. and to laugh so much yourself that you can’t help the tears.

And the next morning was one greatest highs i have experienced (outside a football field) – and I am sure i solved all the problems in the world from my throne above the universe – if only i had remembered to write the darn things down.

And by evening we were running around frantically to get the car decorated and get to the grooms house – so much to do, so little time – when we see the groom standing nonchalantly by the roadside, sherwani across one arm, puffing away gloriously.

And that’s an image that will live forever.

Here’s wishing Mrs and Mr Oz a wonderful life ahead.

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