Fiction / Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

They met each other for the first time in one of those conventions. You know, the ones where all the big potatos meet all the small and medium sized potatos and proceed to motivate and inspire them with powerpoints and starbucks during the day followed by laughter and liqour at night.

He had noticed her as soon as he entered the ‘class room’. And his eyes kept looking for her throughout the day. As though seeking reassurance – there is something that makes this worthwhile.

Their glances crossed occasionally, and his heart would beat a little faster every time.

They didn’t talk at all the first day.

They did talk the next day. On the way to lunch. During lunch. And on the way back. Only with each other.And no one else. Others came sat at the table and went back.

He was hard pressed to remember a single word of the conversation. He did, however, remember the eyes. That’s all he had looked at during the entire conversation. And those eyes had looked back.

And another day passed. Frequent fleeting glances, interspersed with infrequent conversations.

And soon it was the last day – ‘thank you’s, ‘stay in touch’s, ‘catch you later’s filled the conversation.

And he went back to his city.

Late nights and early mornings he remembered the eyes.

(To be continued)

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