One helluva Weekend

Uncategorized / Monday, February 5th, 2007

One Amazing Weekend.

Cost – Unimportant.


a) One ex-roommate who decided to spend time in this part of the world as his wife was out of town.
b) Three awesome movies – Deja Vu -(mindbending – we picked it as we are yet to see a bad Denzel Washington movie), Miller’s Crossing (a Coen Bros classic) and Be Cool (seen it 3 times now!)
c) Two concerts with Sam (where we also bumped into eM and G on Sunday)
d) One blogger meet – See here, here, here
e) and best of all – 2 Morning Soccer Sessions at Juhu on Saturday and Sunday (Sunday was not as good as beer on sat does not co-exist with soccer on Sunday)

Sadly I am out of town for the next 4 weekends so no soccer for a month – how will I survive?

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