I’m it (but you knew that)

memes, Narcissism / Monday, February 5th, 2007

Sakshi of the not related to Sanjay Dutt – but wish I was related to Rakhi Sawant fame has tagged me to reveal 5 my 5 best kept secrets.

1. I used to have pet baby squirrel – i saved it from a dog but it died shortly thereafter – it used to sit in my pocket when i went out.
2. I played baseball for my state when I was in school.
3. At 12 I wanted to become a priest – but i realised the cost at 16 -I wanted to join the NDA – but after i cleared the written i realised that i really don’t want to kill people – especially ones i don’t know (make love – not war?)
4. I used to teach (English and Maths for CAT) and I used to have a crush on quite a few of my students (but ethical considerations prevailed..)
5. I cried when Raj Kapoor died.

and I pass the baton I tag – Peeyush, N, Sonia, Paddy and the P Lawyer

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