Recipe for a good time (though not the only one)

Blog Parties / Friday, December 29th, 2006

Requires one gorgeous host with a big heart and a bigger house, several eminent personalities – Vulturo , Ajay with Marisse, Akshay, Ideasmith, G, the stunning Sakshi, Sherriff ,Shireen, Pensive Lawyer with the irrepressible Hanisha and the charming Satya.

Accept invitation from said gorgeous host with alarming alacrity before she changes her mind. Reach aforementioned big house within an hour of the time given with thoughtful gift in hand (one santa cap from leftover from office party). Greet gorgeous host warmly and enter house to meet eminenent personalities. Imbibe huge amounts of punch, and make wise (aleck) comments regarding big boss (what do you expect with Sakshi around), Rakhi Sawant (ditt0), Melody’s morning sickness, Madrid’s sorrowful streak, nudity, akshay’s desire to be a nude model, gay best friends, dogs in certain offices and such stuff. (Unfortunately Amit wasn’t around to receive (potential) lapdances from G)

Eat massive quantities of delicious food. Sing a birthday song for Mr Salman (what do you expect – Sakshi again).

Wind up the eve with further discussions on Arsenal, Big Boss (again) and Chocolate Cake.

Leave with a massive grin, and impression that host is truely an angel ;-).


15 Replies to “Recipe for a good time (though not the only one)”

  1. The said gorgeous host is suitably flaterred at being called gorgeous so many times :)))

    Glad you had a good time! See you around soon!

  2. i had a ball chatting ye up dude !
    will run into you in bandra one of these days ๐Ÿ˜‰

    cheerz and happy new year dude !

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