Humor, Random Links / Saturday, August 12th, 2006

Based on the map produced by a University of leicester professor, Denmark ranks at number 1, followed by the Swiss, Austria, Iceland (?), The Bahamas (of course), Finland with Sweden, Bhutan, Brunei and Canada rounding out the top 10.

Sure, if we had access to the waffles and cream available in Denmark we would be happy too. And if we had laws which made it legal to look up women’s skirts, we would surely be ecstatic. Maybe that explains why Sweden also figures on the top 10 for teen pregnancies..

But then why does Finland figure in the top 10 of the Countries with the highest suicide rates? Maybe they are just so unhappy with all the Swedes who take the trip to Finland to buy cheap liquor.. or because Raikonnen just can’t score..

Update: Another reason to learn french, apart from Zizou of course.

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