animal farm?

Humor, Random Links / Monday, July 31st, 2006

do ducks duck all the time? is that why they are called ducks? or is ducking from ducks cos they duck all the time? so horses horse around? dogs are dogged? cats are catty and sheep sheepish why doesnt someone elephant? i mean if you can duck and be sheepish? why can’t I be elephanting? I know a few people who are really elephanting. lions lionise? more likely they are lionised.cows i guess are cowed. and bulls bull and bullshit, which of course is bullshit from both ends. Rams ram – that must explain all the kids, who of course kid around. gulls of course are gullible, and fishes are obviously fishy. crabs are crabby then octopusses must be octopussy – which sounds quite like a wet dream.

This, i guess, is stream of consciousness writing.

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