So close..

Uncategorized / Monday, July 10th, 2006

So close….

I couldn’t beleive what i saw, France was dominating the second half and seemed well set to get the winning goal. Only a resolute italian defence marshalled ably by Cannavaro, and the genius of Gianluigi Buffon stood in the way.

When madness took over. Although its unbeleivable, it happened. And there was going to be only one result after that.

French radio says Materazzi called Him a terrorist.

This has happened before, in the Serie A, when somebody called Him something similar. Lippi was His manager.

But it was a great story. Not the best ending, but a great story nevertheless… and there was great joy while it lasted.

Domenech surely knows, Les Bleus came so far in spite of him. Not because of him.

Leaving out Giuly, Pires…for Wiltord? Trezeguet?

I cant write anymore right now.

The wounds are still fresh. But they did well. Too old they said. Over the hill. Like the Rolling Stones. Ancient. Wont qualify. He is slow. Past His prime. This is the World Cup of Ronaldinho and Kaka. And Ballack. Lampard is the best midfielder they said.

But they mistook experience for age. And they failed to recognise genius.

It was good. It was a great story.

A sad ending, but a great story.


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