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Narcissism / Monday, May 29th, 2006

I have written about this before, and i am thinking about it again. specifically about the first part (reading his book led to further thinking)

How do you achieve excellence? in work – by turning in the best work possible, by giving it 100%, by total commitment to the quality of your work, by being uncompromising about quality. This also requires the ability to recognise quality. and not relative quality. Therefore, your work should not look good purely in comparison to others, but should be recognisable as your best effort. by you. (and maybe they should think of eliminating relative grading in higher education)

Excellence in thought and action, always responding with your best response in any response. this requires recognition of the fact that we all have our failings (yes, even moi) and understanding that it is necessary to respond with a higher response. Therefore, assume that your colleague is doing his best to run you down, and is trying to badmouth you or feels threatened by you and does his best to sabotage your efforts. You should not respond with hatred, anger, irritation or annoyance at his petty thoughts and actions (all natural reactions) but try and understand that it is fear that motivates him, and respond – not with fear, but in an evolved manner.

This is the toughest part for me, i tend to remain uninvolved in small talk in and around me, and people immediately assume that i am arrogant, think too highly of myself, and have a chip on my shoulder regarding my background. which leads to the predictable pettiness etc. and which saddens me.

I wish there was an easier way to deal with this. there is actually. remove the source of fear.

here’s to me working on that


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