Now you see me?


the question has been asked.. but amit doesn’t know that I have been using one for a long time. Every time there are pretty women around, i slip under the invisibility cloak (..the shy person that i am..) which is why all the gorgeous women around me, are able to see right through me.. someday, […]

May 30, 2006

Creating your best life


I have written about this before, and i am thinking about it again. specifically about the first part (reading his book led to further thinking) How do you achieve excellence? in work – by turning in the best work possible, by giving it 100%, by total commitment to the quality of your work, by being […]

May 29, 2006

Quote – from someone close


“Love is worth the risk of loss. Both bitterness and true happiness are choices that we make, not conditions that fall upon us from the hands of faith. Peace is to be found in the acceptance of things we are unable to change. Friends and family are the blood of life, and the purpose of […]

May 12, 2006

Caring for your introvert


Aaah, this article says it, and let me stand up and say “I am an introvert”. (Via Alex) My favorite part, among many… “ How many people are introverts? I performed exhaustive research on this question, in the form of a quick Google search. The answer: About 25 percent. Or: Just under half. Or—my […]

May 10, 2006

An open letter


Dear Soulmate, It’s probably synchronicity that I am listening to Go West singing ‘I’ll get over you..” but who are they fooling. There are some people you just cant get over. I am pretty sure that soulmates are on that list. I think the same way, I think that it’s over and I no longer […]

May 3, 2006