Brokeback Mountain

Uncategorized / Tuesday, March 14th, 2006

Was in Delhi for a colleague’s wedding…

where I met up with Gaspode and had a good time.. although the gorgeous lady was kind enough to give me two premier tickets for brokeback mountain – because I knew random facts (such as Pablo’s full name – not Juan Pablo and the expansion for KGB) the tickets were for Thursday night – and so was my flight, and the twain did not meet.

But we did manage to catch the movie – and I really warmed up to it in the second half – it also explained why Kunal Kaul would always say ‘Fish’ instead of ‘F*@#’
Its a beautiful movie where the fact that they are gay is relevant but doesn’t overshadow what is essentially a love story.. and some of the lines(spoiler) are very poignant.

And to cheer me up Gaspode sent me this about the bride..

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