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Narcissism / Tuesday, March 7th, 2006

Shiju, based on your unique skill set, the #1 right job for you is an: Architect
Your runner-up jobs are:
Computer systems analyst
Airplane pilot
Flight engineer

Why These Jobs Work For You
You try to control situations by learning everything there is to know. You hesitate to take hasty actions and prefer to become an expert before providing your opinion on matters. When you do become an expert, however, it is hard for you to listen to novices who try to give their advice, as well. As a result, you ultimately prefer to work by yourself so that you can implement your own solution rather than cooperate just to please others.

Why These Jobs Fit Within Your Lifestyle
You’re shooting for the moon and won’t stop until you get there. You enjoy the high life and seek glamour and excitement. You want a leadership position that has both stability and prestige. Having the best is important to you, and you always opt for quality over quantity.

You are proud of your accomplishments and want your possessions to reveal that you’ve done well in life. After all, you are willing to work hard to advance in your career.

You have impeccable taste and know the trends. Because your status needs are high, be prepared to work long hours to climb to the top. This ambition may make it difficult to sustain successful long-term relationships, but a like-minded partner can become your ally in your pursuits and enjoy with you the fruits of your labor.

Your Career Personality Type

Based on the way you answered the test questions, your primary personality type is Analytical, while your secondary personality type is Creative.

Knowing your type is important for a number of reasons: it will help bring to light aspects of your personality you hadn’t thought about before, it will raise issues about matching your personality to a career that you might not have previously considered.

Here’s an explanation of what that code and what your primary and secondary personalities mean.

Primary Classification -Analytical- As an Analytical type, your inquisitive nature helps you enjoy the complexities of life. You understand that sometimes there are no clear right and wrong answers, and that’s okay with you because you tolerate gray areas better than most. In fact, pondering potential outcomes can sometimes be more interesting than coming up with the definitive solution for you. You march to your own drum and enjoy being in charge more than working and compromising with others. Nothing escapes your keen observational skills, and thinking is your idea of fun.

Secondary Classification -Creative- As a Creative type, your ability to look at the world with a fresh perspective keeps life interesting for you and those around you. Instead of following the trends, you want to set them yourself. Establishing a routine is not your goal; you would rather go with the flow and see where your mood takes you that day. You love seeking new experiences and sensations. Your sensitive nature is often turned inward, but your passionate nature also means that you are prone to be impulsive at times.

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