On the the king..and Arsene


” Zidane’s vitality stems from his completeness. In terms of playing style, he is simply peerless. Technically he is superlative: he possesses exceptional ingenuity, awe-inspiring close control, and with one flick can open up the most resilient defense. Moreover, Zidane can shoot with power and unerring accuracy” read more of this here And Wenger professes […]

March 18, 2006

Del Bosque linked with Real return


Vicente Del Bosque, one of the more successful managers at Real, who was sacked by Perez shortly after winning the league for a second time has been linked with a return to the Bernabeu. The fact that Perez is no longer President is sure to help his return. Others linked with the job are Ancelloti […]

March 17, 2006

"One day I wrote her name upon the Strand"


I got this through the minstrel’s egroup which sends a daily poem via email. and i had to share it… “One Day I Wrote Her Name Upon the Strand (Amoretti LXXV)” One day I wrote her name upon the strand, But came the waves and washed it away; Again I wrote it with a second […]

March 16, 2006

the 7 tag


Got tagged by Maverick So here goes: Seven things to do before I die : Write a bookLearn to play an instrumentDrive a FerrariLive in MadridBring up a kitten and puppy (at the sametime)Head a businessMarry my soulmate Seven things I can’t do: Stop my eyes lighting up every time i see a pretty woman […]

March 14, 2006

Brokeback Mountain


Was in Delhi for a colleague’s wedding… where I met up with Gaspode and had a good time.. although the gorgeous lady was kind enough to give me two premier tickets for brokeback mountain – because I knew random facts (such as Pablo’s full name – not Juan Pablo and the expansion for KGB) the […]

March 14, 2006



one of our kittens passed away this morning…..in my arms..and i am feeling really shitty and low. I came back on sunday morning from delhi and met gaurav coming in with the kitten enveloped in a towel-rug. it had fallen ill that morning and he was bringing it back from the vet. The vet had […]

March 13, 2006

The right job


Shiju, based on your unique skill set, the #1 right job for you is an: Architect Your runner-up jobs are: Psychologist Computer systems analyst Chemist Airplane pilot Flight engineer Veterinarian Why These Jobs Work For YouYou try to control situations by learning everything there is to know. You hesitate to take hasty actions and prefer […]

March 7, 2006

Am in love…again

Random Links

and isn’t she gorgeous? as gorgeous as the Viper, but in a different way…i used to salivate over Il Duce too, 999 – which i think looks even better without the sports fairing.

March 6, 2006