Messi deserves an award

Uncategorized / Friday, February 24th, 2006

maybe not footballer of the year yet… though he does show that he will be fighting for it soon enough. but the act he put on against chelsea just shows that there should be a category for footballers at the academy awards..


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  1. i know that the comment is a little late. u have witten about messi but i guess u didnt see del horno reaction after the tackle too, he acted as well as messi if not better. also i think that red card was more out of pitty than anything the referee was just unable to bear the sight of the poor chelski lb being fcuked by messi.talking about diving in general mourinho has to be in the hall of fame for his exploits at porto (remember vs celtic) and now at chelsea. ps: remember robben against reina couple of weeks ago. what goes round comes around. -dee

  2. i agree .. but the red card is too strong – it just encourages these actors – it sets up an incentive for this kind of behaviour which is not something which fans would like to see.. though i agree – robben as done enough in the past to make this seem like a case of poetic justice..

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