Quick thrills? Not zackly..

Narcissism / Thursday, February 9th, 2006

Ok, ok I admit. I did it.

But my motives were pure, and no – pure lust is not what i am talking about. But ever since i heard her voice i had to get a closer look. As it is I hardly get to hear her every day, it’s only once in a while that i leave on time, so that i can spend some time listening to her exuberant voice.

And when i entered the place there she was – chatting with two people who had the blessed good fortune of working with her.

i spent most of my time mooning over her. She is one of most gorgeous women i have seen in recent times(I wish i could say met – but two words does not a conversation make)she is articulate, intelligent and slightly wacky – am totally smitten

But then the speed dating session started and i wound my weary way around the women, who were seated like queens awaiting their knights.

one was nice, except for her yankee twang, which was, suprisingly, not a south mumbai put on – but a well deserved one since she grew up in New York.

One was discussing marriage with me, another discussed maroon 5 and architecture, yet another discussed taureans and madhuri dixit. Another studied french literature but told me not to read it, and worked in Sony but told me not to watch it. I guess I lack the finer sensibilities, in her estimation, required to appreciate KK aur KS serials and french literature. Although the parallels between Saas Bahu and Sartre escape my limited intellect but what the heck, she must have known what she was talking about.

And of course, the best was saved for the last, woman no 10 kept on saying hmmm i don’t want to answer that, and then followed it up with ‘you look very stressed out (i was thinking of how to get time to move faster) and ‘you look very distracted’ (obviously, she was nearby.

Footnote: speed dating – the concept

Ten guys and ten girls are assigned nos and given a card with ten nos. you go around meeting 10 women in the space of an hour, spending five mins with each. and at the end of each conversation you mark yes or no against the no indicating your desire to meet the lady in question again or not. She does the same.

When both, the lady and the gentleman, have a shared desire to meet each other – which is checked by the organisors – they are given each other’s nos and they live happily ever after. That’s the general idea.

And why did i do it? My friend’s new year resolution is to try something new every month. I adapted it to new and uncomfortable – something i wouldn’t do normally. So feb was speed dating, march is going to be salsa. And if you have Malini’s no, please send it to me – St dot Thomas dot S at gmail dot com.

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