it’s been some time

Uncategorized / Tuesday, November 15th, 2005

it’s been some time, and though i am not going to start regular blogging again in the near future, i thought it might be good for me to put down the thoughts that are running through my mind

its a period of change and turmoil, and am just trying to sit back and let the dust settle

and the same question keeps coming back

am i becoming a bad person?

people i trusted have lied to me, cheated me and done things which i would never expect them to do. and i hope i never do these things to anyone, friend or stranger.

but the fact that these things happen leave me wondering, how did i invite these experiences into my life? by being less than 100% honest? or by compromising? or am i still to figure out the finer intricacies of human relationships?

just being good is not good enough? and am doing a very bad job of being good?

its time to change and renew my vow to be the best person i can be at every point in time.

and refuse to allow my virtues to be used as weapons against me, and to get rid of my many not so virtuous aspects.

it is time to let go of ‘bad quality’


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