Owen to Manutd?

Uncategorized / Monday, August 1st, 2005

Well that could be good news for ManUtd fans because the ball has not been seeing the back of the net like previous seasons and Rudd really struggling. And stories suggest that money is on the table for Fergie to spend.

But I’m wondering if we need a striker or some one like Essien to fill up Keano’s shoes. Or maybe Fergie’s gonna make Smithie do that job. Coz that guy does remind everyone of Keano (and he’s young as well and i just love when he tackles the defenders!). The talk also doing the rounds is that Ballack could be another prospective target but if I was Fergie I would go pick Essien as he is younger while Ballack is close to his peak now. You wouldn’t get any money back from a Ballack sale later while Essien (if he walks out later) could be give a greater return on the investment.

I would even stick my neck out to ask for a good defender because I don’t give too many points to Silvestre…Brown’s better. Neville’s struggles to run back and he’s not getting any younger. Two young kids have gone on season long loans who I would assume I would see a lot of in the first team in the next year or two. Spector has the speed and toughness for a full back (needs to get more first team exposure and gain some muscle..which he would get in his loan term). Chris Eagles would also benefit in his role as a winger from his loan. He could then be made to use as a backup to Ronaldo/Park in the years to come and he could surprise us all by pushing for a first team place himself. But all said and done, the defense was not a problem (we let in a few more than Chelski) scoring goals was. So I would not be suprised if Fergie gets Owen instead of Essien/Ballack. Lets see….season starts in less than a fortnight…Aug 13 is near!


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