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  1. Hello, Saint. BoSe here. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m actually just started running 3 years ago. I think you will have an advantage since you are a footballer. You can try to do a 30-minute jog every alternate day(or 2-3 times a week) to begin. I think most important thing in running is discipline and your mentality as running can be quite a boring sport.

  2. Hello again. I’m no pro in Marathon so if you wanna complete a marathon, you can refer to the web http://www.runnersworld.com. You can find marathon training guides there. I tried marathon once, but perform badly and got my knee injured because lack of proper training.

  3. Oh, I love Calvin and Hobbes. But you know what? I think it is magnificient that the “dust speck” can explore the universe, while being earth-bound. This is what always suprises me when people talk about the “wonders” of religion. How can the random fancies of a Bronze Age goatherder be more wondrous than an understanding of speciation? Or studying the formation of the stars, themselves? [squeaky Yoda voice] Truly wonderful, the human mind is.

  4. btw, I know a guy who’s very much intp running. He’s a good friend of Venky’s from Rectum. Want me to put you in touch with him?

  5. well. i am still a long distance run away from being in shape.. doing this more for fitness than for running – used to be the most boring part during tennis/soccer training..

    doing an hour at a gym.. further improvements expected if i quit smoking..

    by rectum you mean rec t?

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