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Uncategorized / Thursday, July 7th, 2005

one of the things i am trying to think through is what should i be doing. where should i be. and where do i want to go. A friend of mine sent me this forward – Steve Jobs commencement address at Stanford – and keeping in mind the concept of synchronicity (nothing happens by chance..) it just reinforces my desire to think this through.

I need some time off. and i need some long conversations.

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  1. The “Steve Jobs” address has also been attributed to Larry Ellison and a bunch of other guys. You really shouldn’t bother about half-truths, wishful-lies.
    You’ve always claimed [implicitly] to have the strength to stand alone, so why bother with a speech made up by some unsuccessful geek and propagated over the internet by equally unsuccessful geeks? Don’t give me cr*p about eternal truths. You make your own truth.

    Oh, and before I forget. Turn to the Dark Side.

  2. you are missing the point, i am not saying i need to do what he did, but what i do need to do find out where i want to go – and right now i am in a comfort zone – which is getting boring and also dangerous – i feel like i am falling far short of what i can do in many spheres of my life..

    i am the dark side, fool

  3. >what i do need to do find out where i want to go – and right now i am in a comfort zone

    Fair enough. Perhaps you should consider going abroad, ideally to a non-English speaking country. When my brother got bored with his job[ and keep in mind this was a flourishing start-up, and he would have continued earning loads of dosh], he shifted to France. You could consider something similar; even something nuttily intense like NGO work in Africa or something. It is quite likely that you would have to learn French if you shift to Africa. Different cultures, different folks, different languages, different challenges. It could be the key to falling out of the trap of becoming a corporatized zombie with national-average 2.3 kids and a double-income family. Look at the back adverts of the Economist, for instance. You’re young enough to switch careers and back…

  4. thank you, i start spanish lessons somewhere in bandra from the 25th, and i’ll get a subscription to the economist in the meanwhile..

    resumed soccer at juhu, but my form is totally off..

    what more…what more should i be doing..

    you playing tennis?

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