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Uncategorized / Monday, February 21st, 2005

I shall a tale unfold which will make thy knotted and combined locks part, and make each hair stand on end like the quills of the fretful porpentine

it all started, as these things tend to in the late watches of a balmy night last month..

it had been a tough week and I was suffering from frequent stomach pains – which turned out to be a case of colitis, and was overworked with submission deadlines arriving one after an other, like the locals at dadar during peak hours. was leaving late almost everyday, 10 pm being the norm. since I had moved into my 1 bhk temp acco, a minute away from my old house, eating dinner also necessitated a trip to my future roommates house – my acco though princely, lacked the basic amenities of civilized living – a fridge and gas. (though it did well in terms of luxury – AC, washing machine)

so to cut a long whine short – sleep has been a scarcity since mid Jan… weekends which used to contribute so effectively towards redressing the balance of sleep deficit, began to actively contrive against allowing me any rest..

one weekend I was moving

the next weekend I was traveling, to Bangalore and back

the following weekend I stayed up till 6 am playing nfs 6 on my friend’s laptop

that was the final straw – since then I just cannot sleep until 1 or 2, and if do manage to settle down to some restless slumber it only lasts until 4 am…..

which sets the stage for what happened Saturday night…

the week had been tough with a deadline on Thursday, so late workdays, no sleep on Friday night – reading, Saturday morning movie ( Shall we dance? passable) and no food the entire day

and Saturday night happened to go to a friends friends penthouse party somewhere in vashi – typical Mumbai rich kid with a few cars and more then a few houses – and all his friends the same, what makes it worse – they were all a few years younger…

and of course if there is party there is drinking, started with a coupla beers, a vodka, a few vodka shots. thankfully missed the tequila shots as I went to visit my friend who stays in the vicinity (rajib das – have mentioned him before..)

by 12 I was pretty close to oblivion – though alcohol managed to overcome the insomnia – if only in the 11th round, TKO. and I was half gone..when some people were leaving, and that was our chance to hitch a ride back – I got up with a start – which sent all the blood rushing to my head

while I was saying my polished good byes ‘ good bye guys’ I realised what I thought was blood rushing to my head was actually more vodka and less blood. the realisation struck me with such force that I stumbled, slipped against the glass table when I tried to rest my hand on it and sent it crashing to the floor along with a few other glasses – end result a cut finger which also got jammed between the floor and the table – think of a finger in the car door and you get the picture..

so I found my way to the kitchen and tried to open the tap to wash my war wounds when my system decide to do a ctr – alt – del.

I opened my eyes find myself lying on my back and a lot of concerned faces crowding my breathing space and I smiled at them ( which is when they started thinking that I was insane..)

I smiled cos
a) I was feeling really rested – the 2 min black out was the equivalent of a whole nights sleep.
b) I found it really funny – all the faces looking at me with wild surmises.
c) maybe shreds of my dignity were trying valiantly to restore the nonchalance which I had displayed with such abandon earlier.

tsk tsk these old men – I thought I could see this on fellow revelers minds, but all I cared about was the couch..

after 5 mins of calm reflection on the couch, I felt so energized ( I even tied my shoe laces myself) that I jumped up with a start to leave with the guys who were trying to make good their escape.. I swear I heard my guardian angel say – this guy never learns

the familiar woozy feeling returned, and beat a hasty retreat to the couch, where I dozed off. however, insomnia quickly regained its strength, and asserted itself over a weakened alcohol, which had already spent much of its momentum running to and from my head.

1:30 I was wide awake, with my eyes closed as my head thought, wisely, to let discretion be the better part of valor. but after a few hours of contemplation – during which I solved the meaning of life, the meaning of the universe, the question for 42 and also unraveled most of the human genome, I thought enough was enough and woke up.. carefully this time, as though I had egg balanced on my head. ( though how the egg was surviving the pounding from the ironsmith oi can nae er tel)

a few drags and I was pleasantly disengaged in conversation with three kids who were still up. by 5 I thought maybe I should get home and try and sleep there – left, took an auto to vashi station got into a train, got off at kurla took an auto to andheri and was home by 6:20. bought a few newspapers, read book 5 from the HHGuide To The G. finally dozed of by 10:30

woke up at 12:00 (with my finger aching like hell – looks bluish now )

with the champions league resuming this week, maybe its a good week to have insomnia.

reminds me of the time i had a redhead and beer on my b*lls

but that’s another story – its tough, typing wiht 7 fingeres

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