Happy New Year

Uncategorized / Friday, December 31st, 2004

Good bye 2004

Its been a good year, and things are always getting better.

A new job – and many new job offers

A new residence

A new football 🙂 (thanks to Hari)- but same old venue, the beach

Many new books

More music

A new mobile – even if it was a forced purchase.

And in some ways a new me. Others have noticed the strengths I knew I had. And I noticed some flaws others knew I had. But still, learn something regularly as I still grapple with the task of framing my philosophy of life. And my mission. My goals.

2005 comes with the promise of more growth, in every sphere, as I take a more conscious view of life, trying to avoid the errors made unconsciously as I, at times, sleepwalk through some areas of life.

2005 calls for

– greater commitment to learning

– a willingness to expose myself to uncomfortable situations

– commitment to honesty and integrity

– commitment to quality

from me.

Wish you a joy filled new year!

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