Uncategorized / Saturday, December 11th, 2004

There are many things I believe in, but there are times when I lose sight of the blue sky for the mist and the fog which comes up occasionally in life. But then the sky is bluer for a few moments spent in darkness.

I believe

~ that is my duty to be the best person I can be at every moment

~ that my future and the world around is brought to life by the thoughts I hold

~ that excellence in thought and action will lead to an excellent life

~ I should learn to take risks

~ I should learn to let go of negativity

~ I should be fearless

~ that there is life after what we call death

~ that this journey on earth is one of many you and I have participated in and there are many more yet to come

~ there is no limit to what I can do, the only limits are the ones I place around myself

~ in my integrity and values

~ that I have a sense of humor

~ in soulmates

~ in the power of words,music and sport to help me grow

~ I am here on this planet to learn

~ everything that happens, happens for a reason

~ everyone who comes into my life, comes with a gift for me and I too, have gifts for the people in my life

~ one cannot learn to swim without entering the water

~ everything always works out well in the end


~ zidane is the greatest soccer player on earth.

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