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Uncategorized / Monday, October 4th, 2004

and they disappointed again. after the champion’s league fightback, 4-2 victory after going down 2-0 i figured that they are back on track, especially since they were playing a team like Roma. but it seems that Real have lost the plot. it must have gone looking for their next coach. somehow things have not been the same since they fired Hierro, and loaned Morientes out. Morientes is back, to join Michael Owen on the sidelines. even Raul, the spanish talisman has had to face the ignominy of starting from the bench. unthinkable. but with his lack of form over the past year, and with the wealth of attacking options Real has the unthinkable is pretty much commonplace now.

and the indian cricket team has disappointed too. only arsenal is giving me some joy these days.

and the beach. have managed to resume sunday soccer on the sands. although its a tough job finding more then 4 – 5 people to play. its a million times better then waking up at 8 on a sunday monring with nothing much to do apart from the normal socializing. my roommate and i also managed to play a full field match. my first in three years or so.

and it was fun. except for the part where i was running full speed and my legs were moving in slow motion. or the part where by the time i got to the ball, i didn’t have a lot of energy left to do anything with it. or the first coupla of corners i took which barely made it to the near post. we went down 2-0 pretty soon, then we managed to cut it back to 2-1. and the end of the first half brought some respite from the torture that my lungs and legs were going through. the second half was better, i managed to get some semblence of a second wind and we moved from a 3-4-4 to saner 4-4-2. with my roomate playing defensive and your’s truly up top.

we managed to get some passing going and there was one particularly brilliant through ball which just managed to stay ahead of me. seems my roomie forgot to make adjustments for my much reduced pace. another break, through the right flank as i laid the ball of for the man on the wing, he cut back and a defender managed to get his hand to the ball. penalty! and 2-2.

another through ball, which i managed to catch. only the goalie to beat. passed to my teammate for a tap in and we went ahead 3-2. and that was the end of the game. since this was a friendly between two corporate teams, they decided to end with penalties which we duly won on sudden death. my body might be complaining but my heart ( when it slowed down to a normal beat a few hours later) was delirious.

if only i could do this every weekend. what more do i need?

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