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it seems like only yesterday I was mourning Figo’s loss of form at Turin when Real got knocked out by Juventus – after Figo missed a penalty. The next year they managed to surrender a 2 goal lead to Monaco and succumbed to Morientes.

France knocked out of the World Cup without scoring a goal – I thought ok, Zidane was injured and Pires was out. Euro 2004 was the stage on which the French national team was to do justice to the overabundance of talent they have, almost every area of the pitch bristling with world class quality.

It was like watching a bad movie, I didn’t beleive what was happening and to the end I was sure that France would score. They didn’t, leaving their supporters heartbroken once again. Atleast the English lost because they played suicidal football. The French lost because of the one goal they gave the Croats, making it necessary for them to win the final match. They couldn’t rest their stars, we just to look at yesterday’s quarterfinal were a shrewd Karol Brueckner (did i spell it right? ) sat back for a half and then strolled all over the Danes in the second.9 first choice players were rested in the 2-1 victory over the Germans, and it must have made a world of difference.

The French by constrast seemed to lack that extra second, that extra yard of pace and that steely resolve to win. They just went out and played. Dacourt in the middle for Viera was uninspiring, and Trezeguet chose the Euro to audition for the lead role in The Invisible Man.

Saha, and Rothen should have been first choices and Desailly should never have replaced the hard working Lizarazu. In the end we are all poorer for missing out on some more glimpses of Zidane’s artistry. Which was absent for the most part of the Qf. The great man seemed to be tired of the lack of penetration up front and Henry’s glaring misses, he really should learn to head the ball, would have done little to restore faith. Atleast Henry was missing the goal, Trezeguet was missing altogether. Reports say he was sighted near the penalty area, but we are awaiting confirmation on the same.

Missed the Sweden vs Holland match completely, but saw the penalties (was busy with my birthday party at the skybar… might have more on that later).. but mellberg’s lack of confidence was so obvious i was pitying the poor guy even before he missed. my heart was rooting for sweden, three months spent there left me with a warm corner for the Swedes. But that too was not to be.

Nedved vs Figo, Ronaldo vs Barros – is what i am looking forward to..but the greeks and the dutch might have other ideas.

After all, Nedved was picked as Zidane’s replacement at Juventus…

plan to catch some sleep before wednesday.


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