the GM Diet plan

Uncategorized / Monday, June 21st, 2004

My roommate and I have embarked on the world famous GM diet plan. It is supposed to detoxify the system and promises a weight loss in the range of 5 to 15 Kgs. In seven days. Of course those who have more to lose will find it easier to hit the 15 Kg mark. I am sitting in office, day 3, feeling weak and hungry and wondering why am I doing this. After all I am in reasonably good shape and just a small paunch. Well the fact is that my small paunch seems to be getting larger by the day and if left to its own devices I’ll soon be able to rest my key board on it. The issue is not so much the food I eat, its the lifestyle. Sedentary. I am used to playing something everyday, and on campus, even during the toughest days of tests and submissions there was always time to play a few games of tt or try my leg at some tsepak. But ever since I have started the job, such outlets of expression for my physical self have been conspicuously absent. Before I shifted residences I used to make up by avoiding the lift and using the stairs to get to my fifth floor apartment. And before I shifted jobs I could count in a couple of hours of tt, atleast 4 times a week. But now the I stay on the second floor. And the new place doesn’t have a tt table. The only other option is to go jogging. Or to join a gym. Which will happen. Once euro 2004 ends, with zidane lifting the trophy. Until then, the GM diet plan is the only thing standing between me and a new wardrobe


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  1. So How did the GM diet go? Did you lose your 15 kg? You must have 🙂 You seem to have disappeared :-))

  2. Hi..just wondering if u lost any inches at all?

    ME is on day 4..and seemingly lost on what is on for breakfast tomorrow…

    and considering i detest tomatoes i am so much more lost!!!
    a very lost me..

  3. Hi,

    This diet did more bad than good for me… on the whole i think dieting especially crash dieting is a very ineffective way of losing weight – it might work short term but it will screw up things long term – you are better off getting some exercise and controlling intake – cos dieting screws up your metabolism – and your body might go into starvation or famine mode where it will stop processes which actaully burn fat to conserve energy for the ‘famine’ it believes is coming up.. and your resting metabolism therefore slows down – so you might be burning 10% -40% less calories just by fooling your body into thinking its on a diet..

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